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  • Putting You On The Path of Financial Liberty as CEOYou

    Because everyone is a CEO whether they realize it or not. 

    Focused on Your Vision and Outcomes

    About Us

    We Place You In The CEO Chair of Your Life and Financial Resources

    We then work for you from the operations side of your money helping you take financial inventory, identify efficient ways to use your resources to attain targeted results, and monitor progress toward attaining your desired outcome.  

    A Proven 5 Step Approach

    After placing you in the CEO seat, we take a financial inventory so everyone involved understands where you are now, where you want to go and how to create a executable, Principled Plan to get to your desired end result.  We then measure your progress in Your Money's CEO review meetings keeping you up to date on your progress.

    Do you have hidden value?

    There are forces that continually can eat away at the value of the financial resources you have to work for you.  Fees, costs and taxes are a few of these forces that can leave you with less than you need or want.  We will identify any hidden value that we find in our proven approach and report back to you our findings.

    Our Why

    Protect What You Have

    We believe we have to make the most of what we have and have been given.  The first step is to protect what is in our control and important to us.  We have identified more than 6 ways to protect what you have earned and been given.

    Live Your Lifestyle

    We believe that your Principled Plan should not only protect what you have but should help you live a fulfilled life.   Fulfillment looks different for different people with different requirements to get it done.

    Give To Others

    Our experience is that many of our relationships want to live full lives, full of activities, but also want to give to others.  Give to family.  Give to charity, Create a legacy.   We love to support local charities along side our clients.

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    PLG Planning

    Troy, Novi, Grand Rapids, MI

    PO Box 1079, Ada, MI 49301


    Serving individuals and business owners  through physical offices in the Greater Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo areas.  Serving  all of Michigan and Ohio through online meetings as well.

    Alan Tubbergen offers advisory services through PLP Advisors, LLC 961 4 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544.  PLG Planning and PLP Advisors are unaffiliated companies.